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Released 26 May 2023

“My homeland is where hate, I have given
And hate, deeper than any place else, I have received”
— Yannis Aggelakas


Sam Warner - trumpet and flugelhorn
James Allsopp - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Nikos Ziarkas - guitar and electronics
Gaspar Sena - drums and percussion (3)
Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass, electric bass (5), karpathian Lyra (3)

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 composed by Nikos Ziarkas
Tracks 2, 3, 7 composed by Thodoris Ziarkas

Recorded by George Botis on 6th & 7th of November 2021

at Fish Factory Studios, London.
Mixed & mastered by George Botis at Dada Studios, Athens.
Produced by Valia Calda and George Botis.

Released by Deep Cave Mountains Records

Front cover design by Raimund Wong.

The original photo is a family portrait of Yannoula Papakosta and Thodoros Ziarkas with their children Nikos, Vicky, Tasia.
Photo was taken c.1964 in Koutselio, Ioannina.

Design by Thodoris Ziarkas
Band photo by Deniz Kavalali

Released May 18 2018 

Sam Warner - trumpet, flugelhorn 
James Allsopp - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone 
Nikos Ziarkas - guitar. electronics 
Gaspar Sena - drums, percussion, voice 
Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass 

Tracks 3/4/6/7/8 composed by Nikos Ziarkas 
Tracks 1/2/5 composed by Thodoris Ziarkas 
Track 6 the voice of poet Miltos Sachtouris 
from the poem “My brothers”. Translated by Karen Emmerich 
Courtesy of Archipelagos Books 

Produced by Valia Calda & George Botis 

Recorded at Fish Factory Studios on 8th & 9th Sept 2016 
Engineered & Mixed by George Botis 
Assistant Engineer: Tasos Botis 
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks Mastering 

Cover photo by Enri Canaj - 
Back cover photo by Rosie Reed Gold - 
Layout by Thodoris Ziarkas

Released November 10 2014 

Sam Warner - trumpet 
Rob Milne - bass clarinet & flute 
Nikos Ziarkas - guitar, electronics, cretan lute 
Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass, cretan lyra, tsambuna 
Gaspar Sena – drums 

Guests musicians on ''Nocturne'' :
Tom Green - trombone 
Saul - vocals 
Alexandros Miaris – analog synths 
Theodoros ‘‘Siozos’’ Ziarkas – voice 

Tracks 1-3 recorded at Middlesex University, London on 12/03/13 
by Joe Jackson & Dave Clements. 
Mixed & Mastered by Oli Corrigan

Tarck 4 recorded at Dada Studios, Brick Lane, London on 29/07 & 23/09/14 
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by George Botis 

Photos by Vipasana Roy. 
Design by Thodoris Ziarkas 
Produced by Valia Calda 


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