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15 Questions Interview


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"The psychedelic jazz of the diaspora" by llan Solomon for Avgi

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Interview for Athinorama by Harris Symvolidis

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Interview for Avopolis by Tania Skrapaliori

    METHEXIS (2018)

‘’[...] the collective expression that attracts me the most with Valia Calda sinces it is quite unique‘’

Tor Hammero, Tor De Jazz, Norway


‘’Their vision... It’s typically one of majesty ‘’ Voted on ‘’The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: May 2018’’

Dave Summer, Bird is the Worm


‘’[...] the compositions are creatively arranged, approaching perfection at times

 [...] albums like “Methexis” should be placed very forward – on the first row‘’

 Fontas Trousas, Diskoryxeion, Greece

‘’This is a beautiful piece of work and offset with a harrowing and thought provoking image. ‘’

Mickey Duke, 1BTN, U.K

"Methexis" is an impressive work... A superb album! “

Sven Thomschke, Radio Z, Germany


‘‘’Beautiful contemporary jazz infused with worldly flavours ‘’

Phil Levene, Eclectic Jazz, U.K

"The bleak album is emotional and genuine, and shows quite a diverse musical vocabulary for all of its monochrome presentation. It’s an interesting album, much deserving of your attention!"

Can this even be called music, USA

“Methexis is an album inspired by poetry concerning life and death struggles, by definition, is encamped in a reflective state of mind - excellent musicianship throughout “

Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music/Jazz Chronicles, U.K


‘‘Intriguing exploratory sound’’

Alex Ruder, KEXP, U.S.A

’’ Unique, quality production, intense atmosphere “

Stefan Wagner, Radio Z, Germany

‘’Excellent jazz here! ‘’

Fulgeance, Musique large / Le mellotron, France


‘’Beautiful, intriguing’’

Chelsea Deeley, Eastside Radio, Australia

 ‘’Darkish, contemplative, different. Good stuff’’

Borja Mocnik, Slovenia


“A real enchanting journey from beginning to end on this great album from Valia Calda “

Alan O' Malley, Shoreditch Radio, U.K


‘’ very special musical journey !!! ‘’

Mark Milz, Further in fusion, Germany



“Absolutely riveting debut EP from a quintet that blends modern post-bop, Greek traditional, free improv and Balkan music. Rob Milne provides sunlight and shadows on bass clarinet & flute.  Trumpeter Sam Warner and guitarist Nikos Ziarkas provide elements of air and earth. Thodoris Ziarkas and Gaspar Sena set the scene and move it at will on bass and drums.  Electronics, cretan lute, cretan lyra, and tsambuna fit right in with traditional jazz instruments.  The music goes from a late-night jazz club cool to an ambling post-bop to Frisellian eeriness to Mediterranean seaside ease.  All kinds of cool, and a very promising start to their recording career“


Dave Summer, The Bird is Worm

“It is very rewarding to hear the music of the next generation of improvisers. Valia Calda have a fresh approach, and a creative sensibility

that bonds their diverse influences in a fluid and compelling way“

Chris Batchelor


“It’s wonderful to hear the two worlds of freedom and space; discipline and musical intelligence brought together in such a convincing and stylish way. Seemingly diverse styles, complex rhythms, and Mediterranean folk-music are distilled into a frequently gritty,

more traditional jazz idiom, the end result being music that is at once challenging and unique yet refreshingly accessible.

I very much look forward to hearing what the future has to bring.”  


Rob Edgar, LondonJazz News, Crepuscule Capital, Musical Pointers 




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